Stoptober: Quit Smoking with Hypnotherapy!

Thinking of Quitting smoking, but think it might be too hard to quit?

Think again!

Why Stop Smoking?

1. Smoking is bad for you, Gone are the days when tobacco companies could deny this!

2. Smoking increases your risk of a wide range of life threatening diseases.

3. Smoking can endanger the health of others. For example, even if you smoke outside of your home, the health of your children is endangered.

4. The health benefits of becoming a non-smoker include; longer life expectancy, more energy, better breath, improved immune function, better skin, more enjoyment of your food.

5. Willpower alone is not that effective as a way of quitting smoking: only 3-5% of smokers are still non-smokers a year later.

6. The financial benefits: 20/day at £8 is £2920/year
a. 40/day at £8 is £5840/year

Imagine what could you do with that spare money rather than give it to the tobacco companies?

Research has shown that Hypnotherapy has cited as:
‘Three times more effective than nicotine replacement therapy.’
‘The most effective way of stopping smoking’

Simon Pimenta – Hypnotherapist/ Life Coach/ NLP practitioner. Simon is available on Mondays at The Little Escape – to book a free 15 minute consultation with him contact us here 🙂