Are you a Stress Junkie?

Are you a Stress Junkie?

Answer the following questions to find out.*

  1. Are you one of those people who say ‘I thrive on stress’?
  2. Do you worry a lot?
  3. Do you strive for perfection?
  4. Do you get by on less than 7 hours sleep?
  5. Do you rely on coffee and/or cigarettes to keep going?
  6. Do you find it hard to switch off/relax?
  7. Do you think that holidays are for wimps?
  8. Do you feel anxious when you’re not busy?
  9. Do you often eat on the go?
  10. 10.  Are you always leaving things to the last minute?

* This is not a scientifically designed questionnaire.

540031.TIFIf you find yourself answering yes to:

2-3 of the above questions, you may be a stress junkie.

4-6 of the above questions, you probably are a stress junkie.

7-10 of the above questions, you definitely are a stress junkie!

Whilst we know that a bit of stress can improve performance, being constantly in a state of stress can cause health problems.

The Stress Response, also known as the Fight or Flight mechanism, is designed to keep us safe. If our ancestors were faced with a tiger, the Fight or Flight response would be triggered to enable us to either fight the tiger or run away, by releasing hormones that primed the body for action. If we are constantly activating this mechanism, it can suppress our immune system, interrupt our sleep patterns, and these hormones can cause a whole host of conditions, including heart problems.

The good news is that we can learn how to break these patterns of thinking, that result in stress, and learn how to calm the fight or flight response. I run a free monthly workshop “Train Your Mind To Change Your Brain, introducing a 3 day training program called the Lightning Process, that is designed to teach people how they can perform at their best even in high pressure situations, without being a stress junkie!

Simon Pimenta (To sign up for Simon’s next free Lightning Process talk at The Little Escape, contact us to book your limited place!)