4 reasons why you should try a traditional Thai massage

Traditional Thai massage is a beautiful treatment that can almost feel like dance between practitioner and receiver due to its rhythmical nature and use of assisted stretches. The receiver lies on a futon in loose clothing, and the practitioner uses pressure with hands and sometimes feet to massage the whole body. The aim is to bring movement and flexibility back into tired bodies and minds.

Here is why I love it and why I think this traditional treatment is the perfect antidote to modern times. It’s a cheat’s yoga class! We all know that sitting at desks or hunched over laptops and phones plays havoc with our posture. Yoga is brilliant for helping to relieve some of these ailments but sometimes we just want to relax! Traditional Thai massage perfectly combines the benefits of the yoga class with the feeling you get from a relaxing massage. It uses lots of assisted stretches that lengthen tight muscles and improve joint flexibility but you don’t have to do the work. Result.

It’s a tonic for both body and mind.

Our lives are running at full pelt and it can be really hard to completely switch off. Thai massages are longer than a lot of other treatments (the shortest is 1.5 hours) but I have found that this extra time really allows the body to let go and gives the mind chance to rest. I think this is one of the reasons the treatment is so effective and gives such a lasting feeling of relaxation.

It’s a whole body treatment that gets to the roots of your tension.

We often want massage to focus only on the places where we are experiencing the most pain and although this can feel good it may not treat the real cause of the problem. For example, tight hamstrings can be the cause of a low backache rather than tension in the back itself. Traditional Thai massage works the whole body starting at your feet and methodically working round the whole body so the practitioner can really find each tight area and work to relieve it.

It feels fantastic!

Perhaps it is not what you might normally go for when booking a massage but I invite you to try this wonderful style of massage. It may be a little different but I believe it has something very special to offer.


5 crazy amazing years!

The Little Escape is going to be 5 years old very soon (March 24th 2017!).


too soon before launch day! not so cozy! 

This time 5 years ago I was probably as stressed as I’ve ever been; the launch date drew near and the flooring was not down, the gas was not connected, the walls were not painted, the booking system was not ready, the phone company let me down…


It is strange and amazing to reflect on the roller coaster ride since its inception, and actually, I can now acknowledge that I’m really proud of what we as a team have created! I had the opportunity to start something, and my concept was a centre which had sustainable health at its heart, and which benefited everyone involved. I genuinely think that we have succeeded in accomplishing this- with a huge learning curve, and plenty more work ahead, but the core is there to be built upon!

We have stayed open without compromising our values, and supported staff, practitioners and clients. We are a not-for-profit company and we have always strived to keep costs down for practitioners so that they can make a sustainable living from doing what they love (and are gifted at!) while keeping the space safe and beautiful and calm.

We have taken over 20,000 bookings for over 3,500 clients, who have benefited from high quality treatments, in a supportive and sensitive environment. I am so proud to be part of a team of practitioners who are all super skilled and down to earth- and who I’m genuinely happy to be treated by and to refer people to.

Meanwhile we strive to ensure our business is ethical and sustainable- as holistic thinking does not end with health (though I might argue it begins there…!?) or with treatments, and I believe that our mental and physical health is inextricably intertwined with the health of our environment and society. So, as a business, we make sure that our energy supply is renewable, we recycle our rainwater, we use organic and peat-free compost and fertiliser for our houseplants and little herb garden, use ethical and environmentally aware brands for our soaps, detergents and cleaning products, we recycle and reduce waste wherever possible, use ethical banking, and we support other local independent businesses wherever we can.

I consider myself a practitioner first and foremost, and as a practitioner I have been so grateful to be able to work in what is essentially an ideal treatment environIMG_4903ment – I love that my patients enjoy coming here and appreciate the atmosphere and that they can relax even before treatment has begun, and I love that we have good daylight and natural wood and that there are good comfortable treatment couches so that my back doesn’t ache after a full day of treatments.
I love that the trusted reception team take care of my patients too, and that bookings are easy and efficient. And I love my amazing rewarding job.

I do not see myself as a business person or an entrepreneur; in fact I am rubbish at the business and admin side of things! So we would be nowhere without the awesome Eve and Fiona, who have been front of house almost since the beginning -I can’t even explain how grateful I am for their loyalty and understanding and their work keeping the clinic running day to day! And endless gratitude to all the rest of the excellent amazing team !

So pleased to have been able to allow Fiona to finish her Nutrition course and to support her to become a practitioner now that she is qualified!

So proud to be supporting and inspiring Eve through her Social Enterprise Masters- and so excited to be able to benefit from all that she is learning so that we can work together to ensure that the little escape continues to grow as an ethical social enterprisewatch this space!

So- THANKS to all who have visited and enjoyed our little escape, THANKS to all who work and have worked here, THANKS to all who have helped us get this far…

And here’s to a happy, healthy, sustainable future for us all!

Lilja xx