Experiencing Ear Candling

I recently had my first experience of ear candling with the wonderful Ciara, and thought it might be nice to share an account of this gentle and very relaxing therapy. As Ciara quite rightly commented when I first saw her, the ears are quite a neglected part of the body, but mine have been niggling me for years. I was diagnosed with Eustachian tube dysfunction, after complaining to any GP who would listen about how my ears would suddenly block and I would be walking around feeling like I had a goldfish bowl over my head, dulling my hearing. For those who are wondering what this fancy piece of ear equipment might be, the Eustachian tube links the nasopharynx to the middle ear and helps to equalise pressure on either side of the ear drum. When I saw Ciara was offering this


ear candling therapy

natural therapy dating back to ancient times, I thought it might be worth a try, especially as I haven’t wanted to take the steroid nasal sprays I’ve been offered to help resolve the issue.

Ciara and I had a chat about my Eustachian tubes and the fact I suffer from recurring sinus infections. She showed me the candles and explained what she would be doing, following which I lay on the couch and the candling began. A long beeswax tube was inserted into one ear at a time and lit. Each candle took about 15 minutes to burn down, during which time, I heard gentle popping and crackling in my ear. The sound reminded me of a needle jumping on a dusty old record player, and I found it quite comforting. Ciara explained that my sinuses were being filled with steam, which would help to de-congest them.

Following the candling, Ciara gave me a gentle face massage, which added to the general feeling of relaxation. I arrived for both the sessions I’ve had to date feeling tense as I was preparing for a big exam, but left feeling calmer and more grounded. Since then my ears have definitely been blocking less frequently, and I’m booked in for a further session as ongoing issues like mine can need a couple of regular treatments to maximise results.

I think given the treatments are so relaxing and they’re helping me to tackle those pesky Eustachian tubes, I could well become an ear candling addict! 🙂



If you’d like to try Ear Candling – you can book on-line or contact us directly 🙂 Each wonderful session lasts £45 and costs only £40.


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