Some Thoughts for the Solstice

There are many associations we humans have with the sun. The annual summer solstice that falls in June is an opportunity to honour this great star and be grateful for its sunny splendour. This year the solstice falls on Monday 20th June. The solstice corresponds with the tilt of the earth’s axis being most inclined towards the sun – hence the longest day of sunlight.


Surya Namaskar is a well known sequence in yoga. It is in essence a bowing to the powerful sun – surya meaning sun and namaskar stemming from ‘namas’ meaning to bow or adore. This reveals the deeper wisdom of yoga and how we cultivate respect for nature through a regular practise.

From a subtle anatomy perspective, the sun feeds our manipura chakra, otherwise referred to as our solar plexus chakra. This is located about a hand’s width up from your navel. The colour yellow is associated with this chakra and the element of fire. So consider golden rays of sunlight perfusing your solar plexus and nourishing your vital force.

The sun is a constant in our lives. It rises and sets no matter what the circumstances. It radiates warmth and light. It provides life to plants through photosynthesis who all grow towards its radiance. Life giving, light bringing, energising sun.

The sun symbolises power, growth, health, passion and the cycle of life with its daily rise and set.

Oh sun, we salute you this summer solstice and thank you for your brilliance.


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