Are You Managing or Flourishing?

The Power Of Coaching

“I’ve got no pressing issues; I can manage.”

How many of us keep happily (or less than happily) going about our daily lives with an undercurrent of niggles in the back of the mind. Of course we CAN mange perfectly well to juggle all the normal roles and jobs, keeping ourselves and anyone else we are responsible for well fed and well watered. Life goes on and there really are no major issues or problems so we never consider that life could be easier still with a little help or input from another source to deal with those background questions or doubts.

I wonder how many people are putting off a decision or not quite sure how to approach a slightly sticky issue that actually sap at their energy and contentedness. Here’s a few examples of typical ones:

Choosing a secondary school for a child
Who should I invite for Christmas?
How can I handle my father-in-law’s rudeness and bullying?
Why am I not getting round to applying for promotion/new job etc.?
How can I fit in time for my own well-being and keep home and job running smoothly?
Why do I feel obligated or driven to be running errands/making something complicated for others?
Why do I always end up rescuing others (or someone in particular) and not myself?
How do I simply learn to wind down, relax and sleep better?

If you are someone who was taught to ‘just get on’ with things, to look positively at everything or to remember there are others who are much worse off than you are, then you were given some very powerful tools for life. But there can also be a down side to these attitudes though; not giving credence to your own needs.



Managing is not the same as thriving or flourishing.

People who have learnt to put themselves in second place or to ‘wait till everything else is sorted first’ often don’t realise the very powerful effect that sharing in a dedicated, supportive environment can have. Many issues can be resolved or put into action much more quickly and easily than by simply holding onto them, mulling and worrying about them. It is precisely with these kinds of issues that coaching really comes into its own.

In a typical coaching session you are asked powerful questions to help you clarify the specifics of what is affecting you and then helped to draw out your own creative powers to find solutions that work for you. Finally you are asked about how you will implement those actions and how you will remain motivated to do so. It is often a real eye opener as to how quickly and easily many issues can be resolved and to discover just how many powerful resources you have to draw on.

Read up about the coaching game LUMINATION I will be facilitating here.

Jane Miller Hypnotherapist and Coach


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