Massage with Mayumi

I’m Anna, a new member of the reception team here at the Little Escape. It has been great settling in to my new role: learning more about the amazing therapies on offer, meeting lots of lovely clients and enjoying the calm, friendly environment the centre provides.

I recently had my first experience of stepping away from the desk and into a therapy room for a massage with Mayumi. Walking in I felt as though my shoulders were somewhere up around my ears. I knew I had a lot of tension that needed to be worked out – being a busy mum to two young kids, I had been ignoring the tense muscles I was developing as a result of hunching over breastfeeding, carrying an increasingly heavy baby in a sling and general physical tiredness. What I really needed was someone to release those knots and bring my shoulders back to where they should be!


Mayumi started with a gentle relaxing massage on my legs, then spent the rest of the session working on my problem area: the upper back, neck and shoulders. Using a range of techniques and levels of pressure, Mayumi was able to methodically push the tension up and out. Whilst it was a deep tissue massage and I definitely felt some satisfying ‘pops’ as the knots were worked out, I left the session feeling relaxed, calm and rested.

A week on and I’m much more aware of how I carry myself. I feel less stiff in the neck and am determined to make massage more of a regular fixture in my diary!

See what else others have said about us here!

You can book in on-line for one of Mayumi’s amazing massages, or contact us on reception 🙂


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