Trigger Points

My name is Kristin. I started working at The Little Escape in June 2014 and I have had the wonderful opportunity to share my massage work with many clients since then. Although I have several different massage modalities in my education, I am currently doing Swedish and deep tissue.
I have been in the fitness, massage, nutrition (hormonal fat loss) and holistic field for many years and in addition to massage I do fitness consulting and training, core conditioning, educational seminars, postural assessments and corrective exercises, stretching and mobility for muscle and postural imbalances.
I will be contributing with bits and pieces of information in The Little Escape blog related to body ‘maintenance’, massage, and training.
Stay tuned!


Trigger Points  – These are little contraction ‘knots’ or nodules in tight bands of muscle, they are active contraction of living muscle fibres. Once they form, they can last weeks, months or indefinitely. Triggers points can become annoyingly painful and, if not addressed, cause limited range of motion, postural misalignment, adaptive shortening and muscle imbalances.

Young woman having massage, close-up

Massages can help restore more normal function…

Trigger points are often created in response to physical pain.  Massages can help restore more normal function ( and also movement).

A visual that may help understand trigger points is by imagining a knitted sweater and if you grab a little piece in the sweater and twirl it…you will see how it effects the surrounding material of the sweater. The same thing happens to your muscle /soft tissue.

Addressing trigger points can be painful and may need to be done little by little and layer by layer. But the freedom you will have in your tissue afterwards and the improved performance….may make it worth it 🙂


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