Kids and Parents Meditation class: a deeper and fun way to bond by Lisabetta Vilela

A new Kids and Parents Meditation class is happening here on Sunday 17th May 2015 at 11.30, just after our usual max meditation drop in class at 10am.
Lisabetta Vilela, our Shiatsu practitioner and Meditation teacher, is very excited to be offering this class.
“I first noticed how much children enjoy and connect with meditation techniques when a couple of parents brought their children to the Goddess Meditation class I run at The Little Escape”, Lisabetta said.
“Children are naturally open-minded and therefore ‘get’ meditation, visualisation and relaxation techniques very quickly, especially when embodied with positive and strong intentions. If encouraged and validated at home, they are eager to practice these tools with their parents/careers or even alone, as some of my clients have noticed. Meditation and self-awareness tools builds a strong sense of ‘self’ and gives children the confidence to know themselves better.”

Self-awareness practices
Within the class, children and parents will be shown a Do-in self-massage practice.
This harmonising and rivitalising practise is used to release stress/tension and re-energise: its roots comes from Chinese preventitive medicine: acupuncture, shiatsu, tai-chi. The technique is simple, fun and allows your body’s energy to flow better.

A short and effective Shiatsu and acupressure sequence will follow. Children and parents will be shown how to give and receive it to help them bond and nurture each other. It is very relaxing and calming; both parent and child appreciate the positive effects of giving and receiving and can use the techniques at home.


Visualisations and mindfulness
After these self-awareness practices you and your child will be guided through visualisations and meditations’ techniques.
These help children listen to their wise inner “wizard”, be in the ‘moment’, release negative thoughts and behaviours and build self-confidence.
When kids are able to do this, they truly start to feel their rightful place in the world: relationships improve, peer pressure is much less of an issue and kids learn to be self-empowered.

Lisabetta’s meditation class will hopefully help children and parents experience mindfulness and relaxation in a welcoming, fun and safe environment.

You can call us to book your places or email Lisabetta at

Fiona 🙂

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