‘My Dharma’ – A little something personal from Ciara.

An instrument of change and a facilitator of deep healing. These are my heartfelt intentions for what I do – my ‘dharma’ as it is called in sanskrit – meaning life purpose. And it was indeed a process to get there. Fifteen years in a punishing corporate environment where whilst my banking career thrived, my soul dimmed…until the universe presented a catalyst in the form of a health crisis and I knew that in order to truly be alive and flourish, I had to follow my path. And so Wholly Aligned was born with a strong focus on the principles of natural health (naturopathy) and yoga.

My inspiration has come from many avenues. Growing up in Zambia left a lasting impression on me as we grew most of our fruit and vegetables in the garden. Allowing my senses to be stimulated by the purity of nature. My mother had a genuine interest in natural health and remedies and also trained in the 70s to be a yoga teacher. Another big influence and very much continues to be so.

From my days in student clinic to seeing my own clients, it never ceases to amaze me how every person is so unique. One man’s nectar, is another’s poison. Each person responds in different ways and so it is working with each person to put it all together and unlock the wellness potential using better food choices, flower remedies, therapeutic supplements and lifestyle changes. Yoga sits beautifully in this array of tools.

Ciara Roberts

Nutritional Therapy



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