What does good nutrition look like?

Let’s start a conversation…

Well, here’s the thing. There is no singular, generic approach to fit with each person.

There are certainly broad themes that will provide benefit to the majority, such as eating seasonally and organically for higher nutrient content and less chemical exposure and to well…..eat food. What say you to the growing profusion of chemicalised ‘food like’ items that are becoming regular household purchase. A general guide to apply is if you don’t understand the ingredients list, don’t buy it and certainly don’t eat it! Something with twenty ingredients and a sell-by date way too far in the future needs to be questioned.

Michael Pollan, author of ‘In Defence of Food’, puts it simply. ‘Eat food, not too much. Mostly plants.’ I very much like this – there is much to be said for simplicity.

Good nutrition will only be as effective as what best serves your body. So this includes taking into account your health status, your relationship with food, your belief systems, how you respond to stress and your sleep habits. There is an entire web of variables for each individual.

Are you making conscious and well informed choices when it comes to your food shopping? What is your social conditioning around food and eating?

Woman shopping at farmer's market

Shopping Local, Seasonal and Organic

Questions for you to ponder:

How well do you know the source of your food? For example, are you buying from a local farmers market where you can ask the farmer direct or are you buying from a large supermarket chain whose main focus is the shareholder? Fast marketing, fast carbs, fast food. Fast route to poor health.

How do you feel after eating? If it’s bloated, gassy, lethargic, then there may be foods burdening rather than energising your system.

How do you eat? Modern life has created mass over-ride of our inherently intelligent systemic design. Ancient man was not chowing down on a packet sandwich meal deal as he ran from the sabre toothed tiger. However modern man does chow down on said packet sandwich meal deal in a fit of rage/anxiety/sadness/dissatisfaction creating the same hyper-adrenaline response. His trigger is not a looming sabre toothed tiger but perhaps an antagonising email or phone call or long queue. Not life threatening situations yet the body is responding in the same way leaving modern man marinading in a cocktail of excess stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. And so the cycle continues until the body says enough and you get floored by burn out.

Learn to deeply listen to your wise body. The messages are all there. Respond compassionately and remember small changes make big differences.

Ciara Jean Roberts
Naturopathic Nutritionist and Yoga Teacher
The Little Escape. March 2015

*Food Detective intolerance tests available in clinic
*Muscle testing using the exquisitely ethical Premier Research Labs products also available


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