‘Love your Liver’ time

So its January ‘Love your Liver’ month, with many of us wanting to improve our health and well being. We stay away from alcohol, increase our water intake and generally try to clean up our lifestyles after the possible excesses of the festive season.

This is all great – but lets be gentle with what we are asking our body to do. It requires a fair amount of energy to bring about the necessary movement for cleansing, balancing and purification. This energy needs to come from the body itself, but if we are ill or overtired then the ability to generate this energy is often impaired.

To start shifting stagnation and expect an under par system to deal with it efficiently is unrealistic. Patience is required to bring our body back to health. The main areas to support are the routes of elimination. We want to ensure that any toxicity that we release can move through all the levels of detoxification and out of the body. There are some wonderful techniques to support this and one of them is Castor Oil Packing.

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This is a favourite technique to bring support and energy to a stagnant or struggling liver. To help it keep up with the demands of what we may be asking it to do.

Castor Oil Packing
Castor oil has been known since ancient times for its healing properties. It is known to emit a white light, which, like ordinary daylight, contains all the wavelengths of the visible spectrum at equal intensity. This white light penetrates the cell, giving it the energy to promote movement and thereby lessening the level of stagnation.

To apply this technique you will need.
• A piece of unbleached cotton or woollen material measuring 27×12 inches (67 x 30cm)
• A bottle of castor oil (organic)
• A roll of cling flim
• A hot water bottle

1. Fold the unbleached cotton into double or treble thickness.
2. Place it on a flat washable surface.
3. Place on enough castor oil to cover it well but not so much that it drips.
4. Place the oily cloth over the liver area.
5. Wrap cling film over the cloth and around your body to keep it in place.
6. Put on some old clothing in case of any leakages.
7. Relax and place a warm hot water bottle over the liver area and leave for one hour.
8. After you have packed the liver, you may repeat the process by packing any specific area of discomfort. Always the liver first.

On completion of this technique (and often during it), there is usually a feeling of deep relaxation. It is a powerful technique for creating movement and release and also bringing energy to an area. 🙂

Whilst this technique benefits most situations it is best to avoid if you have high blood pressure, are pregnant or menstruating.

Happy New Year! for more support with detoxing come and see lovely Ciara for nutritional therapy, Marion for herbal medicine or manual lymphatic drainage. All of our treatments are gentle and nurturing and can support you naturally on the road to greater health and well being 🙂

Fiona 🙂