The season of Spring is a time to wake up to a new cycle of light – lighter mornings, longer evenings, increased levels of the feel good neurotransmitter serotonin and replenished stores of vitamin D simply provided by nature in the form of more sunlight. So no wonder we feel a spring in our step at this time of year. Getting fifteen minutes of sunshine a day boosts vitamin D and serotonin so getting out in the fresh air has many benefits.



From a naturopathic and nutritional perspective, this truly is a season to rejuvenate and to shed the layers of winter. Whilst the weather warms up, avoid consuming chilled water as this is extra work for the body to warm it up once consumed and dampens down your natural internal fire referred in sanskrit as ‘agni’. Drink water at room temperature. Nurture your digestive flame. Bitter greens such as rocket, dandelion and watercress are great to give the liver a zing and improve bile flow – bile being important for the breakdown of fat. So tuck into some beautiful seasonal greens. Chlorophyll in plants – the compound that gives the plant its green colour, is highly synergistic with the mineral magnesium, a key nutrient for many metabolic actions in the body including blood sugar balancing, improving sleep and nourishing the muscles.

delicious greens...

delicious greens…

A great physical way to literally shed your winter skin is to begin some gentle skin brushing using a natural bristle brush. Brush upwards towards the heart to stimulate the lymph system and optimise your body’s ability to absorb fatty acids from the bowel and transport it around the body. The lymph is also key for immunity as contributes in our defence against infection.

Take a moment to consider what is your current toxic load. Be it in the form of stimulants such as caffeine, alcohol or processed foods – also emotional and mental toxins. Spring welcomes and supports new beginnings. We see it in the form of new blossoming in nature all around us. Habits are easy to form, not always so easy to change. What do you wish to change in your life for the better? How can you lighten your load and blossom?

Small changes make big differences so be gentle. Drink plenty of filtered water aiming for at least 1.5 litres, eat more greens and get brushing!

Happy Spring!

Ciara Jean Roberts
Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist and Yoga Teacher

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