New Crystal Palace Healing Therapy!

We are very excited to announce a new healing therapy and development in the Crystal Palace Triangle!

We at The Little Escape have been working with foreign investors and engineers and using ultrasound and satellite technology we have rediscovered the sources of two famous local healing springs:
1) the famous Chalybeate water that Beaulah Spa was based around
2) Sydenham’s historical medicinal springs.

With modern engineering we are able to drill to the sources of these local waters and combine them to double their medicinal properties.  The mineral composition of these waters is incomparable, and Local Energy dowser medium Kristin Diamond  has also tested samples of these waters. She says “I can’t believe the healing energy radiating from these waters- I’ve never felt anything like it! They have been flowing through sacred vortices for thousands of years and it seems that the Antenna has added another type of quantum frequency from the higher regions to create the most unique powers!”  

Due to planning and space constraints we plan to drill directly underneath the Little Escape and create an underground hydrotherapy treatment spa, working with local architects and historians to reference the work of Decimus Barton (who designed the original Royal Beaulah Spa.)
We anticipate a completion date of one year today, and as the construction will be underground we aim for minimal disruption. We also will be selling the “Crystal Palace Spring Water” for drinking. 

To find out more, contact us on 020 3384 0509 / /


“In 1831, one of England’s most prominent architects, Decimus Burton, designed a spa and pleasure gardens below Beulah Hill and off what is now Spa Hill in a bowl of land on the south facing side of the hill around a spring of chalybeate water. Burton was responsible for the Beulah Spa Hotel (demolished c1935) and the layout of the grounds. Its official title was The Royal Beulah Spa and Gardens. It became a popular society venue attracting large crowds to its fêtes. One widely publicized event was a “Grand Scottish Fete” on 16 September 1834 “with a tightrope performance by Pablo Fanque,” the black circus performer who would later dominate the Victorian circus and achieve immortality in The Beatles song, Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite! The spa closed in 1856 soon after the opening nearby of The Crystal Palace.” Excerpt from