Valentine’s Day for him!

Men can be difficult to buy gifts for! The not so ‘obvious’ options seem to fall into two basic categories: something practical that he can actually make use of, or something silly, nonsensical – a bit of fun. All of this can lead to some random panic purchasing and result in nothing more than cupboard clutter.

For those less focussed on the tangible route of something solid and preferably easy to wrap there is, thankfully, a wealth of fantastic alternatives. Male Grooming naturally ticks all the boxes.

Appointments for male grooming are certainly on the up. Often as a result of a gift voucher from a well-intentioned friend or partner but once through the door, experience shows that more and more men are starting to see the benefits of ‘manpering’.

Deep tissue massages are forever popular and come in a number of different forms. Those involved in sports activities may have already experienced a sports massageas a result of an injury or as part of their training programme. Deep tissue massage though is not always remedial, as some just prefer a deeper massage. The latest trend on this front is a warm bamboo massage which is surprisingly rigorous and not for the faint hearted. Think rolling pin and pastry and you are almost close!

How about some Valentines 'manpering'?

How about some Valentines Day ‘manpering’?

Another treatment growing in popularity is the male facial. Men’s skin differs to female skin and needs to be treated in a different way. Studies show that more men are aware of the importance of maintaining their skin, slowing down the ageing process through exercise and a good diet and the same can be done for the face through regular face massages. Face treatments for men don’t have to involve lots of products, although getting more men to exfoliate is a target for Ginger & Juniper in 2014. Massaging the face alone brings with it an array of vital benefits, increasing blood circulation and oxygen to facial muscles, draining away toxins through lymphatic work and bringing a look of well-being to name but a few.

Spray tanning for men, made popular on the reality TV programme, The Only Way is Essex, or even a pejazzle, might not be every man’s cup of tea but a quick google search will throw up an endless list of available treatments for men ranging from the classic haircuts and traditional wet shaving to deep tissue massage, male facials and waxing.

If you are struggling for something for Valentine’s Day this year, a Male Grooming voucher may just be the answer to your quest.

Peter Rixham

Peter is here on Monday and Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons. 🙂


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