Hot Stones Massage

If like me you spent December dreaming of a ‘White Christmas’ and love the light dusting that London sometimes gets, but secretly hate the cold freezing weather, then you should definitely try a Hot Stones Massage this January.

Simply put a Hot Stone Massage Treatment is the use of smooth hot stones to help gently penetrate the muscles.

Sometimes the therapist will use the heat from the stones to warm their own hands before performing a relaxing massage. Others use the stones to transfer heat to their client by placing the stones near to the body or on the body over a towel. I also incorporate the stones into the massage itself by gliding the stones over areas of tension. A trigger point stone is particularly effective for working on knots. You can actually feel the tension ‘melt’ away.

Feel the tension melt away...

Feel the tension melt away…

The basalt stones can be heated up to 70 degrees Celsius and are chosen for their heat retaining properties. However, in reality the stones are only used directly on the body when warm, at a temperature that is both comfortable for the client and for the therapist.

A Hot Stones Massage is deeply relaxing and people often request it when they are seeking a good night’s sleep. As an aromatherapist, it’s great to be able to combine various oils, based on the client’s preferences and needs, and after the hot stone massage body treatment is finish I incorporate the oils for the facial sequence and watch them drift off. Snoring is totally allowed!

It is also an all year round treatment as most clients I treat, for a Hot Stone Massage Treatment, are in need of the remedial benefits of the penetrating heat. If you have for example, any neck or shoulder pain I would strongly recommend that you book a session. The results are just amazing!

Peter is here at The Little Escape on Monday and Wednesday evenings and also Saturday afternoons so call us on 020 3384 0509 to book your heavenly Hot Stones Massage. 🙂


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