Self-esteem and capabilities

Self-esteem and capabilities
Hypnotherapist and Trainer Simon Pimenta discusses strategies for developing your skills; for instance feeling confident about speaking in public or doing presentations.

In the first week of this six-week course, self-esteem was defined as:
1. How you feel about yourself
2. How you feel about your capabilities

This week we are going to look at the concept of self-esteem and mastery. Think about when you were at school. There were (or are if you are still at school) children who were in the netball, hockey, rugby or football team. There may be some exceptions to this, but it’s interesting to notice that many of the children who excelled at sports and played in the school team had self confidence.

Developing skills, whether it is in sport, playing an instrument or in some other discipline helps develop confidence. By becoming competent in one area, we boost our confidence, and it can give us the confidence to develop skills in other areas.

freedom to try...

boost your confidence….

Unfortunately for some people, they have a bad or uncomfortable experience of doing something, and they draw conclusions based on that experience that are unhelpful and limiting. Imagine someone gives a presentation, and they find the experience very uncomfortable and feel awkward and self-conscious.

They decide that they can’t do presentations. This is a generalisation; where we have a specific experience and draw a broad conclusion. The problem with this kind of thinking is that it stops us from identifying the steps to develop our competency in this area.

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