Menopause, Shiatsu and the Power Stage (by Lisabetta Vilela, Shiatsu Practitioner and Energy Healer)

According to ancient Taoist wisdom the Menopause is considered one of the ‘Power Stages’ of a woman’s life. Shiatsu can help support women through the physical and emotional transition of this stage.

Menopause as a ‘Power Stage’

The Western world often dismisses the menopause as yet another “female problem”, but it is a natural and beautiful part of our feminine legacy. This period is viewed as the third Power Stage in Taoist and esoteric tradition: a time to honour the changes occurring at every level for women. With menopause there is no longer a monthly loss of eggs: so older women can retain the powerful chi which is usually lost through menstruation.

This inner redirection of the feminine vital force (our creative essence) during this Power Stage, if well managed could be a perfect time to reach an elevated state of being. This can be supported with shiatsu, chi awareness, exercises, rehydration, nutrition and herbal remedies.

time to reach an elevated state of being...

time to reach an elevated state of being…

Our inner integrity grows and a heightened and glowing intuition is awakened. We begin to embody the power state that is the “Wise Woman”, a woman who has experience enough of life to share her wisdom.
The awareness of being in a rich transitional stage of life, in which women let go of what they no longer need, helps to manage the discomfort of the symptoms that may arise.

The perception of menopause solely as a mechanical shift of the body towards an infertility state can leave women feeling disempowered and frightened.

Relieving Menopause Symptoms with Shiatsu

Shiatsu can help to relieve the symptoms of menopause. The practitioner will work with women who seek help at many levels: energetic, emotional and physical, each one influencing the other and thus generating a cascade of well-being and regained health.

The shiatsu practitioner will work on the energy meridians according to symptoms and causes. These include hormonal imbalance, fatigue, hot flashes, anxiety and nervous disorders, heart palpitations, ringing in the ears and dizziness.

The Makko-ho chi exercises, a simple sequence of breathing/stretching exercises, can also help unblock and open the body’s energy meridians. This is a great self-help tool which, used daily, can help manage the symptoms and maintain balance.

Lisabetta Vilela is offering discounted packages for shiatsu and the Makko-Ho stretches course to help with the menopause. Just give us a call on 020 3384 0509 to book your place. 🙂


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