Menopause – Janet Rich

As a counsellor and arts therapy provider I’ve taken an active interest in other womens experience of the period in their lives called the menopause. What I’ve learnt is how different this can be for us as individuals. It has also become clear to me just how overlooked and misunderstood this significant time of life is for women, not only for them but also for their families, careers and life in general, it can have an impact on all areas.

I would like to see far more open, honest discussion around the subject, perhaps beginning with women themselves and then spreading further, so that others can begin to understand the issues; health professionals, employers, partners, children, etc.

With awareness we can begin to change resources and gain more effective support, this is vital. Without understanding and support we’re stranded to cope at a time when there are many other external demands…. health issues, dependency and loss of a parent, children leaving home, necessary or imposed reduction of work/ status.

Managed properly it can offer up to us many gifts, I think it’s possible to live more authentic lives, to be less driven and perhaps to turn our attention inward and ultimately upward, spiritually. If we can work through our losses and be realistic about the challenges we face then we can begin to accept who we are as mature women with much to offer and hopefully, if this hasn’t already been achieved through previous transformations, begin to live more creative lives, in tune perhaps for the first time with a sense of purpose and life direction. We can experience more freedom to live in the present and instead of fearing the future- learn to embrace it!

Embracing the future :)

Embracing the future!

I’d like to share an idea of a cocooned space which I’ve found quite nurturing when thinking about the menopause, it’s an ideal, but helps to put a positive light on things, it goes like this……..

Though we might be assailed by challenges, our natural nurturing instincts kicks in, the ones we’ve used for our families and loved ones, but this time there’s an awareness of a real need to protect ourselves in order to make this transition powerful.

Finding a cocooned space..

Finding a cocooned space..

The cocooned space if we can create it, allows us to deal with the changes in our bodies, to question societies value and stereotyping of us, we learn new, appropriate ways to look after ourselves, becoming more accepting of what is, because as mature women who have suffered significant losses we have a clear eye on the future and what’s needed to make it a fulfilling one, not only for ourselves but for other generations too. We become stronger, more rounded individuals, less needing to please, eventually emerging a different person. We can’t know ahead what she will look like! So trust, faith and tolerance of uncertainty are all important qualities. Enjoy the process!


Come to an evening with Janet and Jane Miller discussing the Menopause on Thursday 17th October at 7pm here at The Little Escape. To find out more visit our event page, and contact us to book your ticket!


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