12 Facts about your Liver!

1). Did you know that almost 30%of your body’s blood goes through your liver every minute?

2) So, in less than 4 minutes your liver handles every drop of blood in your body.

3). The liver is the largest solid organ in our body.

4). The liver affects nearly every physiological process of the body and performs over 500 different chemical functions.

5). The liver stores the many vitamins and minerals as well as the iron reserves that we need.

6). Our liver makes the bile to help us to digest our food.

7). Our liver detoxifies chemicals we ingest like alcohol, drugs (prescribed or otherwise).

8). Our liver also removes the poisons that we breathe in from the air, exhaust smoke and other pollutants that we would otherwise be poisoned from.

8). The liver stores energy, keeping a reserve of carbohydrates, glucose and fat until we need it.

9). The liver makes clotting factors that stop the bleeding when we have an injury that bleeds.

10). The liver manufactures new proteins needed by the body to stay healthy and grow.

11). The liver can regenerate itself. Even if only 25% of it is healthy, it can still regenerate itself into a full liver again.

12). Your liver is made up 96% water – which is within the cells and blood. A big reminder that one of the best things we can do for our liver is drink enough water!!

January is Love your Liver month! If you want to find out more about which therapies can help support and take care of your liver, do call in or email and we can advise or set up free 15 minute consultations for you 🙂



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