January detox part 2…


Detox is going fine so far- I have been very obedient, trying to keep up with the greens,  experimenting with Chia- and I even made this Sugar Free Dairy Free Chia dessert which went down really well (people even asked for the recipe! “Normal” people who are not doing ridiculous detox type things!) I’ve also been loving the Ottolenghi book I got for Christmas (and I am a bit obsessed with the watercress dressing I made from it… mmmm *mouth watering*).  I’m not really missing much- I do miss coffee now and then- but more for the treat and the flavour than the kick I think – I guess I could try decaf!??

HOWEVER, I am also realising the other (more difficult?)  side of this detox.  For me its all quite emotional and symbolic- This year has been a bit of a rollercoaster altogether, and then I sadly ended a 4 year relationship in December (lying deceitful lazy B%$*&#&….) so while physically detoxing my body, and moving out- it was also time to detox my stuff and try to get rid of at least some of the rubbish I tend to hoard!  Which feels quite cathartic (though I would have killed for a glass of wine and some icecream while surrounded by piles and boxes- I resisted!).

Emotionally, of course, it is time to let go of the shock, and anger, and let the emotions go through me…. an emotional detox! it has been going surprisingly OK- and I’m absolutely sure that the extra vitamins and minerals in my diet and supplements have helped, and making the time to do yoga and take care of myself has been good on so many levels.  So- after Januray (and before Chinese New year- I will be hopefully detoxed in all ways and ready for the year of the Snake! 🙂

This also brings me to my next post- which will be about the Liver from a Chinese Medicine perspective- it is, after all Love Your Liver month here …

watch this space…!



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