12 Facts about your Liver!

1). Did you know that almost 30%of your body’s blood goes through your liver every minute?

2) So, in less than 4 minutes your liver handles every drop of blood in your body.

3). The liver is the largest solid organ in our body.

4). The liver affects nearly every physiological process of the body and performs over 500 different chemical functions.

5). The liver stores the many vitamins and minerals as well as the iron reserves that we need.

6). Our liver makes the bile to help us to digest our food.

7). Our liver detoxifies chemicals we ingest like alcohol, drugs (prescribed or otherwise).

8). Our liver also removes the poisons that we breathe in from the air, exhaust smoke and other pollutants that we would otherwise be poisoned from.

8). The liver stores energy, keeping a reserve of carbohydrates, glucose and fat until we need it.

9). The liver makes clotting factors that stop the bleeding when we have an injury that bleeds.

10). The liver manufactures new proteins needed by the body to stay healthy and grow.

11). The liver can regenerate itself. Even if only 25% of it is healthy, it can still regenerate itself into a full liver again.

12). Your liver is made up 96% water – which is within the cells and blood. A big reminder that one of the best things we can do for our liver is drink enough water!!

January is Love your Liver month! If you want to find out more about which therapies can help support and take care of your liver, do call in or email and we can advise or set up free 15 minute consultations for you 🙂



January detox part 2…


Detox is going fine so far- I have been very obedient, trying to keep up with the greens,  experimenting with Chia- and I even made this Sugar Free Dairy Free Chia dessert which went down really well (people even asked for the recipe! “Normal” people who are not doing ridiculous detox type things!) I’ve also been loving the Ottolenghi book I got for Christmas (and I am a bit obsessed with the watercress dressing I made from it… mmmm *mouth watering*).  I’m not really missing much- I do miss coffee now and then- but more for the treat and the flavour than the kick I think – I guess I could try decaf!??

HOWEVER, I am also realising the other (more difficult?)  side of this detox.  For me its all quite emotional and symbolic- This year has been a bit of a rollercoaster altogether, and then I sadly ended a 4 year relationship in December (lying deceitful lazy B%$*&#&….) so while physically detoxing my body, and moving out- it was also time to detox my stuff and try to get rid of at least some of the rubbish I tend to hoard!  Which feels quite cathartic (though I would have killed for a glass of wine and some icecream while surrounded by piles and boxes- I resisted!).

Emotionally, of course, it is time to let go of the shock, and anger, and let the emotions go through me…. an emotional detox! it has been going surprisingly OK- and I’m absolutely sure that the extra vitamins and minerals in my diet and supplements have helped, and making the time to do yoga and take care of myself has been good on so many levels.  So- after Januray (and before Chinese New year- I will be hopefully detoxed in all ways and ready for the year of the Snake! 🙂

This also brings me to my next post- which will be about the Liver from a Chinese Medicine perspective- it is, after all Love Your Liver month here …

watch this space…!


The January Detox (original i know…)


So! boring boring….

Yes, every year I say I am going to do a January detox, and I think last year it lasted a week or two, but this time I mean it! Its time to treat my body well for a while and hope at least some of it continues! (Saying it publicly means I can’t lame out…)

So first step- I saw a Nutritional therapistJayne @supernourished who said that yes, she would suggest an initial cleansing detox as my symptoms (mild psoriasis, puffy eyes, erratic digestion and sleep, stress etc) indicated some ‘liver issues’ so we agreed a plan:

no alcohol (eek), no dairy (easier) no wheat (hmmm) no refined sugar (hmmm) no caffeine (except green tea).  I’m vegetarian anyway so i don’t have to cut out meat…. I drew the line at no gluten as I want my rye bread! And my occasional injera! But she prescribed some milk thistle, some Magnesium and B vitamins, and plenty of leafy greens every day, plenty of cruciferous vegetables (e.g. broccoli) as they contain “indole-3-carbinols” which apparently support the detoxification pathways. Chia seeds, avocado, nuts and seeds, lentils – all sounds good! And the classic hot water with lemon juice in the mornings.

…and that’s that! I also vow to do lots of yoga, and swimming and get back into my cycling which has somehow fallen by the wayside this past year…. And i almost forgot! Massage is definitely part of my detox plan! whoop! 🙂

I’m 4 days in and all is well.  I think I’m sleeping better? my skin seems pretty clear, and someone said my eyes look sparkly. its early days.  I’m avoiding temptation, invites to pubs and gigs….Yesterday I went to my first ever “Tropical Hot Yoga”- i don’t remember ever sweating that much- in all my travels, or in all my steam room experience- my clothes were actually soaked.  I am *not* a convert, I’m not sure I see the point- I’d rather concentrate on the actual yoga than just suffering from heat exhaustion, and surely a good dynamic class creates its own heat from within and more ‘real’ sweat? but each to their own…!

Tomorrow I’ll be drinking water in the pub with old friends and feeling a bit boring.  but I’m sure it will be worth it at the end of the month.  Watch this space 😉