The Winter Blues – Seasonal Affective Disorder

As daylight is slowly slipping from our grasp and the cold, dark nights are setting in, SAD (seasonal affective disorder) takes it hold on many peoples lives. SAD is a type of Winter depressions that affects around 7% of the UK population. As a race we are hard wired to wake with the light and retire when it disappears. Thanks to the invention and use of electrical light, now we don’t follow any patterns and sleep and wake whenever we choose. This means however we are not creating enough exposure to natural light and therefore the brain is not promoting sleep, appetite, sex drive, temperature, mood and activity in the way that it should. It feels like you just want to hibernate!


Treatment for SAD usually begins with light therapy from light boxes. However, many sufferers are now boosting their treatment with the use of complimentary therapies. Nutritional therapy is said to help with the focus on boosting your mood through food. Also many stress relieving therapies are used to help such as massage. Avoiding stress is key to not aggravating SAD.

So if you feel like hiding under your duvet this Winter, pop in and see us for some mood elevating treatments.

Sandra x

Massage available most days and nutritional therapy available on Tuesday evenings.


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