A First-Time Cranio-Sacral Eye-Opener

Last week at The Little Escape I had a client call in and ask, in desperation, for a massage or some kind of treatment for a painful shoulder, and unfortunately we didn’t have anybody available to relieve their pain that day, except Gabrielle. In my ignorance of Cranio-Sacral I didn’t realise that I could have suggested this therapy for them as a way to ease sore muscles. And so Gabrielle and I agreed that the best way for me to learn about the benefits of this therapy – hitherto unbeknown to me – would be to have a treatment myself.


We began with a relaxed and intimate chat about things that have been bothering me, or have been causing stress or tension in certain parts of my body. Then, she had me lie down on my back on the treatment table (with everything on except my shoes) and began by putting her hands around my feet. She talked me through some breathing techniques, breathing in from deep within my lungs, pulling the breath up from as far down as possible, and breathing out easily, dispelling it in a natural and comfortable way. If I’m honest – I wasn’t fully aware of what she was doing, once I shut my eyes and concentrated on my breathing, I became wonderfully relaxed and felt myself drifting peacefully off! I could feel her fingers gently moving to different positions, but I mainly felt the warm, still presence of her hands holding my feet.

She then moved round to my side, where she put both hands under my back – one under my liver, and the other hand on the middle of my spine. She remained there for a long time, occasionally shifting her hands so more (but light) pressure was coming from the heels of her palms or from her fingers. At this point I really did drift off to sleep for a few minutes! She later said that she felt my spine suddenly and totally relax, like someone had flicked a switch and it simply decided to let go and sink into her hands and the table. When she went to move onto my head I felt like my back was made of silk – sinking naturally and effortlessly into place.

Finally she put her hands around the base of my skull and under my neck. Up until this point, I had become aware that while my body was bit by bit becoming more and more relaxed – as though it was returning to a toally natural, tension-free, state – my neck and head were not relaxed. I was conscious of how my head rested on the pillow, and felt like I wasn’t sure how I should hold it. But when she held my neck it only took a few minutes with the support of her hands before I lost that awareness and allowed myself to let go of tension.

After the treatment I can safely say I was incredibly spaced out (definitely in a good way!). I felt wide-eyed and almost giggly, invigorated, and my body felt fluid; my movements easy and natural. I had a very long shift that day – many hours sat in front of the computer – but it passed by quickly and comfortably, and I didn’t feel the usual aches in my lower back and shoulders.

And so, from my personal experience, I can say that Cranio-Sacral is a wonderful way to let go of tension and pain in areas of your body where you’re not even aware you held any, through a warm energy, presence and support. It was like having those problem areas gently encouraged to simply let go. Oof!

If you want some good, detailed information on Cranio-Sacral and the principles behind this practice have a little shifty of this website: http://www.craniosacraltherapy.org/Whatis.htm

Over and out,



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