Powerful Private Pilates

Another treat I got to experience as a receptionist at The Little Escape was a private Pilates session.  I often attend Yoga but have yet to get myself to a Pilates class,  so when our wonderful instructor offered me the chance of a one – to – one session I was straight on that mat!

Julia began the session with some warm ups and a brief introduction to the principles of Pilates practice.  It is very posture focussed and builds up your core strength. The exercises are quite similar to those in Yoga but with Pilates you get to practice with some interesting props and equipment.


Julia worked with me on getting the breathing and posture correct throughout the entire session. The benefit of having a private session is that you get to focus on the areas that you want to work on.  Being in a large class means you get none of the instructors personal attention or expertise.

It also made me focus more as it was just Julia and I in the room, I wanted (had to) work harder.  No opportunity to slack off here! By the end of the class I felt like I had achieved a lot.  The one – to – one set up really worked for me as I felt I had put 100% into the session and not hid at the back like I usually do at Yoga!  Julia was a patient and sensitive instructor.  I felt really looked after by her.  I would definitely suggest a private class.  It ups your game and you really get value for money. As for Pilates, I would definitely go again.  So brilliant for toning and discipline.



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