What Are You Thinking?

It is estimated that we have around 50-60,000 thoughts a day; that a lot of these thoughts are the same thoughts as we had yesterday, and that many of these thoughts are negative.

are you used to being anxious?

Can you practice not being anxious and stressed?

This raises the following questions:

How many of your thoughts are positive, constructive and nurturing?  How many are negative, destructive, judgmental and self-critical?

What we know about the way the brain works is that what we practice, we get good at….

Scientists have done numerous studies looking at how repetition affects the way the brain develops. They have shown that if someone practices playing the piano daily, then the neurons in the brain will develop connections and get faster and stronger. In 2000, scientists studied the brains of black cab drivers, and found that the hippocampus, which is associated with spatial awareness, was highly developed compared to the general population.

Many of us know people who are prone to worry, anxiety or panic attacks. What you may not appreciate is that if many of our 60,00 thoughts are anxious thoughts, then we are actually training our brain to become good at generating anxiety etc.

I run free monthly talks at the Little Escape about techniques we can all use to train our mind to change your brain, based on discoveries in Neuro-Science. If you are interested in coming to one of these free talks, feel free to get in touch.

Simon Pimenta


020 8299 9534 / 07906 568 843


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