Tried and tested: My first Acupuncture session

Every job has its perks.  Mine here at The Little Escape happens to be receiving complementary therapies! It is important that the reception team know their therapies so when Lilja offered me the chance to try Acupuncture for the first time, I jumped at the chance and straight onto the treatment bed.

I didn’t really have any background knowledge on Acupuncture. All I knew was that it is is an alternative medicine that uses needles, so I was intrigued to what a treatment entails.  Lilja began by taking a consultation which covered health and well being and any problems that I felt needed addressing. After the initial consultation, Lilja decided what areas needed to be treated and I moved to the treatment bed.  Lilja told me that the needles are placed at points where the flow of  Qi (energy) needs to be stimulated. When the first few needles were inserted I felt a mild, warming sensation.  It was not painful in the slightest but actually very pleasant.  After all the needles were in, Lilja left me to relax.

During the time that the needles were inserted, I found myself able to completely relax and switch off and came very close to drifting off to sleep. I didn’t imagine it to feel so serene. When Lilja returned to take out the needles I felt nothing but peaceful and calm. For the rest of the afternoon I definitely felt like something had shifted, energy or otherwise and for the rest of the week, the  issues that I had treated had seemed to settle.

My first session of acupuncture will not be my last. The effects one treatment had on me were wonderful so am looking forward to seeing what benefits a course can bring.  Acupuncture virgins – It is time to pop your therapy cherry!



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