Tried and tested: My first Acupuncture session

Every job has its perks.  Mine here at The Little Escape happens to be receiving complementary therapies! It is important that the reception team know their therapies so when Lilja offered me the chance to try Acupuncture for the first time, I jumped at the chance and straight onto the treatment bed.

I didn’t really have any background knowledge on Acupuncture. All I knew was that it is is an alternative medicine that uses needles, so I was intrigued to what a treatment entails.  Lilja began by taking a consultation which covered health and well being and any problems that I felt needed addressing. After the initial consultation, Lilja decided what areas needed to be treated and I moved to the treatment bed.  Lilja told me that the needles are placed at points where the flow of  Qi (energy) needs to be stimulated. When the first few needles were inserted I felt a mild, warming sensation.  It was not painful in the slightest but actually very pleasant.  After all the needles were in, Lilja left me to relax.

During the time that the needles were inserted, I found myself able to completely relax and switch off and came very close to drifting off to sleep. I didn’t imagine it to feel so serene. When Lilja returned to take out the needles I felt nothing but peaceful and calm. For the rest of the afternoon I definitely felt like something had shifted, energy or otherwise and for the rest of the week, the  issues that I had treated had seemed to settle.

My first session of acupuncture will not be my last. The effects one treatment had on me were wonderful so am looking forward to seeing what benefits a course can bring.  Acupuncture virgins – It is time to pop your therapy cherry!


20 Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage in the modern world has become a popular way to spend some of our disposable income.  What better way to spend your time than on a session of complete relaxation.  As a massage therapist myself I frequently see the benefits massage has on the client. This is the reward of being a therapist; knowing your touch has created a lasting impression on the client and sending them home happy and relaxed.

But what are these benefits? Most of the benefits take place within the bodily systems but there are two areas affected: The Mind and The Muscles.

Below I have listed twenty benefits of massage therapy. These benefits can be experienced after just one treatment but the more massage you have, the stronger the benefits.

  1. Pain relief
  2. Reduction in anxiety
  3. Reduction in heart rate and blood pressure
  4. Reduction in depression
  5. Increased circulation
  6. Reduction in stress levels
  7. Boosts immunity
  8. Relaxes muscles
  9. Relaxes mind (parasympathetic nervous system activated)
  10. Flushes toxins by draining lymph
  11. Relaxes and softens injured and overused muscles
  12. Increases body awareness
  13. Increases serotonin levels (important for a healthy mind)
  14. Increases endorphins
  15. Increases mental alertness
  16. Increases joint mobility and flexibility
  17. Relief of many common symptoms such as headaches and backaches
  18. Improved quality of sleep (especially when using essential oils)
  19. Increased bodily healing
  20. Increased organ functionality

Now you have all the reasons you need to book yourself in for a treatment!


A Newbie’s Perspective

I’ve been working as a receptionist at The Little Escape for just over a month now, and I’ve had more than ample opportunities for long conversations with some of the different therapists coming in and out of here. It’s been incredibly interesting to learn about each individual and their fields and interests, and the rich tapestry of the holistic therapy world. Not only do I get to learn about all sorts of different practices, I feel privileged to be given this personal insight into the relationship that each therapist has with his or her own skill. What really comes out in these conversations is the unique love that each practitioner has for their art – which is inspirational to hear, and a wonderful way to be introduced into this world.

Although never being closed minded to the holistic therapy world (having played guinea-pig to my own mother’s NLP and timeline therapy techniques), what each of these conversations has offered me is a significantly enhanced awareness of how my body works: how different signs and signals that it gives me can be indicators of, say, stress or unhappiness, or an aspect of my lifestyle which is having a negative effect on me.

I’ve become fascinated with how the body seems to physically interpret subconscious psychological problems or niggling issues, how each part of the body is inextricably linked to and relates to one another; and that which holistic therapy offers – an awareness of the different layers of problems. It encourages you to listen to your body and to be receptive to what it is trying to tell you. I find it comforting and wonderful that there are so many different ways of healing yourself that don’t involve pumping your body full of expensive drugs and chemicals, and that sometimes something as simple as human touch can vastly reduce stress and improve your happiness and lifestyle.

All of this, to me, is a beautiful thing, and one of the reasons why I am very happy and excited to be a part of The Little Escape team.