The most unlikely Yogi’s

With the Olympics around the corner it seems that Athletes are turning to the holistic world to get an edge on their competition. It is becoming more and more common to hear of athletes from all types of sports practising yoga to enhance their performance. It seems that every sport is getting in on the act including some well known pro-golfers, footballers, tennis players and even NBA players all admitting to hitting the yoga mat. Even our own Andy Murray has started sweating it out in Bikram classes to help improve his fitness levels.


What a sight it must be to witness 7 feet tall Shaquille O’Neal going through his sun salutations. The reason the athletes are now turning to complementing their training with yoga is the abundance of benefits it brings with it. Yoga improves flexibility, strength, health, mental focus and induces a state of calm. All key elements for a successful athlete. Lets hope that team GB have been practising their downward dogs for a better chance at hitting the podium!