A different impression of THE LITTLE ESCAPE

If you have ever popped in, or called the lovely Little Escape on weekends, you probably know who I am. My name is Aline and I have been working as part of the receptionist team since the very first day and today I will share a little bit of my journey….a Brazilian student who lives and works in London.

I am a speech therapist and Audiologist who decided, a few years ago, to be part of the complementary therapy world. Everything started in 2009 when I came back to Brazil, after 6 months living in Switzerland and found my self completely lost in my career and in my hometown, trying to find happiness in what in my work and I decided to do my first Reiki level course.   At that time, all my friends and parents were worried about me, wondering if I had hit my head somewhere! I knew at that time I needed to be stronger than ever to support my decision and keep moving towards what I felt it was right for me.

In my country (I come from Sao Paulo- Brazil) complementary therapies are not often recommend by the doctors to people and it’s hard to find really well qualified practitioners. This makes it even more difficult when you are trying to leave a career and move into another.  I always tried to find good professional courses and I took part of the module 1 and 2 of Bach floral therapies course in SP (Bach Centre Program – UK) and started to get more involved with the idea of becoming a qualified practitioner. Because of this course I got in contact with Vera Guedes O’Neill who was teaching a clinical aromatherapy courses in SP in partnership with Penny Price Academy from Hinckley/UK.

IMG_0200I decided to do a short aromatherapy course (module 1) with Vera and I was so fascinated about how well aromatherapy worked for me that I decided I wanted to study this therapy to a professional level.  However because I’m not a good example of a patient person, I couldn’t wait for the module to happen in my country and I booked myself in to the module 2 and 3 in England.

The only thing I forgot was that I didn’t have my family’s financially support and that I didn’t have more money to travel from Brazil to London, paying accommodation, courses, food and so on. It was then that I spoke with a friend who was living and working in London on an au-pair program.  She asked me if I would like to come and stay in London until I finished my course working in her place as she was about to leave the job.  Hard time!! I didn’t want to live abroad again without friends, family or my boyfriend, and looking after children?! …but I TOOK THE RISK to be where I am now … and NO REGRETS!   Since January I’ve been living in London, working full time as a nanny, looking after 3 children and part time as a receptionist to have the money to pay my final modules and my diploma exam.

Working at The Little Escape is still a challenge because of my English. I do not consider myself to be the best (I’m also a little perfectionist) but I’m very pleased to be part of this team!  Anyway, being a Brazilian gave me twice the opportunity to explain to people about the treatments in my native language. It’s a pleasure to talk in Portuguese sometimes and give your brain a break! 😉  I was definitely lucky when I’ve found this job and I am very glad for the opportunity. Not only because it helped me to complete my courses, but mainly because it was always a nice environment to be and to work in.  Lovely atmosphere, lots of different treatments in one place and qualified practitioners!

Wish all the best to this little/BIG Oasis in Crystal Palace

Lots of Love,

Aline Ferreira Alves

NOTE: My final exam took place at the end of May and I passed in my ACADJ. Now it’s time to come back to my country! Gratitude!


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