The fledgeling little escape

The Little Escape is growing up fast.

This homely little haven in the centre of Crystal Palace is almost 2 1/2 (months that is) and already it’s changed so much. I feel like a proud auntie trying to resist the urge to pinch its cheeks and tell it how much it’s grown. Why it only seems like yesterday that the doors were first flung open and it made its first few tentative steps out into the Crystal Palace “Triangle”. The opening weekend was wonderful. The sun was shining and there were so many people who came out to welcome the new holistic health clinic into the world.

But really I should start further back than this. Back to when “The Little Escape” was no more than a twinkle in the eye of one very inspirational acupuncturist with a serious vision. Back to a summer day about a year ago when I was sitting in the garden with Lilja as she told me of her plans to open a clinic in Crystal Palace. “I need to think of a name for the place” she mused,  and we spent the next sky gazinghalf an hour trying to think up suitable names that would convey the message of the place but nothing sounded quite right.  We sighed and gave up, then surrendered to the heat of the day, lying back on a picnic rug gazing at the blue sky. “What about “The Little Escape?”  Lil plucked the name out of the air in a sudden flash of inspiration and it just seemed so right because sometimes it’s just a little thing that can make all the difference.  Just a little time away from “real life” and all the craziness and stresses it can bring.  A place to take a “little escape”, to gather strength, to look after yourself, to be welcomed and looked after, to find new energy, inspiration and enthusiasm, to find health and happiness.

And so the idea for The Little Escape was born and it’s quite emotional to see how it has become something REAL! Something that is already having a big impact on people’s lives. The lives of the people who work here as well as those who come to visit. Practitioners who share a common goal to help people achieve health and all who have come together with all of their different skills and insights and knowledge. They are all inspirational and this blog will be a great way to hear their voices and to get an insight into the inner mind of the clinic.

As for me, I love working here and seeing how the place is evolving all the time. Keep your eyes on The Little Escape. I have a feeling that the future of this little one is very very bright.


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